summit noun

1 top of a mountain

ADJ. high The Pic Long is the highest summit in the region. | very | rocky, snow-capped, snow-covered, snowy | mountain

VERB + SUMMIT arrive at, climb (to), gain, get to, reach

SUMMIT + NOUN attempt, bid The blizzard forced them to delay their summit bid.

PREP. at the ~ We were standing at the very summit of the highest mountain in India. | below the ~ They reached base camp, 12,000 metres below the summit. | on the ~ The climbers planted a flag on the summit.

2 important meeting between leaders

ADJ. annual, biennial, etc. | regular | emergency, extraordinary, special | two-day, etc. | first, inaugural | global, international, regional | bilateral, trilateral | European, Franco-German, etc. | G8, NATO, etc. | presidential | Paris, Rio, etc. | drugs, earth, economic, peace

VERB + SUMMIT have, hold, host The 2004 summit will be hosted by Japan. | attend, go to

SUMMIT + NOUN conference, meeting, talks | agenda | agreement, declaration

PREP. at a/the ~ These measures were decided at a summit in July. | ~ between annual summits between the major OECD economies | ~ on a two-day international summit on drugs