sum noun

1 amount of money

ADJ. considerable, generous, good, handsome, hefty, high, large, not inconsiderable, princely (ironic), significant, substantial, tidy (informal) It seemed an absurdly high sum to pay for a coat. For his first book he received the princely sum of $400. The team has raised substantial sums for local charities. | astronomical, colossal, enormous, exorbitant, huge, magnificent, massive, record, staggering, vast £200 was an astronomical sum of money in 1547. He joined the club two years ago for a record sum. | five-figure, six-figure, etc. | small, modest, nominal, reasonable, token, trifling The charity pays a nominal sum to lease the premises. | derisory, paltry | average | net | round $10,000 is a good round sum. | full, overall, total | agreed, fixed | undisclosed, unspecified | annual, monthly, etc. | regular | guaranteed | capital, cash, lump My wife would receive a guaranteed lump sum in the event of my death. | tax-free

VERB + SUM borrow, earn, fetch, raise, recover Some of the paintings should fetch a tidy sum at today's auction. You will have to go to court to recover these sums. | get, receive | award sb, contribute, give sb, grant sb, lend sb, offer sb, pay (sb), repay The judge awarded them an undisclosed six-figure sum in damages. | invest, spend | cost a project that cost vast sums of public money | charge (sb), fine sb | agree (on) We eventually agreed a sum and I gave him a cheque.

SUM + VERB be due, be payable The landlord has the right to recover any sums payable under this lease | be equal/equivalent to sth The gangsters offered him a sum equivalent to a whole year's earnings. | exceed sth

PHRASES a sum of money

2 calculation

ADJ. difficult, easy

VERB + SUM do, find the answer to I did a quick sum to work out how much it would cost.

PHRASES get your sums right/wrong The company got its sums wrong when estimating how many customers it would attract.

3 amount got by adding numbers

VERB + SUM calculate, find, work out Calculate the sum of the following figures.

PREP. ~ of The sum of two and five is seven.