suitcase (also case) noun

ADJ. heavy, light | open | battered His only possession was a battered old suitcase of clothes. | false-bottomed The money was smuggled out in a false-bottomed suitcase.

VERB + SUITCASE cram/stuff/throw sth in/into, pack He stuffed a few clothes in a case, grabbed his wallet and left. Have you packed your case yet? | take sth out of, unpack | close, fasten, shut, snap shut She snapped her suitcase shut and stuck on a label. | open | lift, pick up The suitcase was too heavy to lift. | clutch, hold | carry, drag, heave, hump, lug She heaved her case down from the luggage rack. travellers humping suitcases about | drop, dump, put down | live out of He got fed up of living out of a suitcase and left his job as a sales rep.

SUITCASE + VERB be crammed/stuffed with sth, be full of sth, contain sth The suitcase was full of drugs.

PREP. in/inside a/the ~