suit noun

1 set of clothes

ADJ. designer, elegant, immaculate, smart, well-cut | ill-fitting | off-the-peg | best, good He wore his one good suit to the interview. | tailored | double-breasted, single-breasted | one-piece, three-piece, two-piece | pinstripe/pinstriped | linen, tweed, etc. | summer | business, dinner, evening, dress, formal, lounge, morning, safari | trouser | bathing, diving, wet | ski

SUIT + NOUN jacket, trousers

PREP. in a ~ Two men in suits came out of the hotel.

PHRASES a suit and tie They won't let you into the restaurant without a suit and tie. | a suit of armour The cavalry wore a suit of light armour and carried a shield. | a suit of clothes We bought the baby a couple of suits of clothes.

2 of playing cards

ADJ. trump

VERB + SUIT follow (= play the same suit as the previous player)

SUIT + VERB be trumps Which suit is trumps? | change The suit changed to diamonds.

PREP. from/in a/the ~ All the cards have to be from the same suit.