suggest verb

1 propose sth/state sth indirectly

ADV. tentatively I tentatively suggested that she might be happier working somewhere else. | respectfully, tactfully I would respectfully suggest a different explanation for the company's decline. | helpfully ‘Shall I tell them you're ill?’ Alice suggested helpfully.

VERB + SUGGEST seem reasonable to It seems reasonable to suggest that all life forms on earth share a common origin. | be wrong to | be tempting to | dare (to) How dare you suggest such a thing?

PREP. as She suggested John as chairman. | for Who would you suggest for the job? | to He suggested to the committee that they should delay making a decision.

PHRASES can/may I suggest, I (would) suggest I would suggest that you see your doctor about this.

2 show sth in an indirect way

ADV. strongly The evidence suggests quite strongly that the fire was caused by an explosion.

VERB + SUGGEST seem to The evidence seems to suggest that he did steal the money.