succeed verb

1 manage to achieve what you want; do well

ADV. admirably, brilliantly, well The plan succeeded pretty well. | not quite | nearly They very nearly succeeded in blowing up the parliament building. | largely We feel that we have largely succeeded in our aims. | partially, partly | eventually, finally | apparently | academically the pressure on children to succeed academically

VERB + SUCCEED be likely/unlikely to The appeal is unlikely to succeed. | be determined to, hope to, want to No company can hope to succeed at everything.

PREP. against to succeed against serious opposition | at She can teach you how to succeed at tennis. | in She has succeeded in a difficult career. We succeeded in repairing the engine. | with hints on how to succeed with interior design

2 have a job/position after sb else

VERB + SUCCEED appoint sb to, elect sb to He was appointed to succeed Sir Georg Solti as head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. | be tipped to

PREP. as He was widely tipped to succeed William Hague as leader of the party. | to She succeeded to the throne in 1558.