substance noun

1 material

ADJ. addictive, carcinogenic, dangerous, harmful, hazardous, noxious, poisonous, radioactive, toxic | innocuous Even innocuous substances can sometimes register a positive result in a drug test. | banned, illegal | natural a natural substance found in the body of animals | chemical | inorganic, organic | pure | soluble, volatile | crystalline, fatty, oily, slimy, sticky, viscous | medicinal

VERB + SUBSTANCE use | contain | produce Some frogs produce very toxic substances in their skin. | take The athletes had taken banned substances to increase their strength.

2 important content

ADJ. real The real substance of the report was in the third part. | added His disappearance has given added substance to the argument that he stole the money.

VERB + SUBSTANCE have The image of him that the media have presented has no substance. | give sth, lend sth The letters lent substance to the rumours. | lack

PREP. in ~ There's no difference in substance between the two points of view. | of ~ Nothing of substance was achieved at the meeting. | without ~ Their allegations were without substance. | ~ in There's no substance in the story. | ~ to There was little substance to his claims.