subsidy noun

ADJ. big, heavy, huge, large, massive | small | direct | hidden, indirect The help that the government gives the industry amounts to an indirect subsidy. | annual | EU, government, public, state | agricultural, export, food, housing

QUANT. level The level of subsidy given to farmers is to be reduced.

VERB + SUBSIDY get, receive | lose | give sth, grant sth, pay, provide (sth with) The Arts Council granted them a small subsidy. | cut, reduce Export subsidies have been reduced by 20%. | abolish, remove

SUBSIDY + NOUN payments | scheme, system | cuts

PREP. ~ for state subsidies for rice producers | ~ on subsidies on basic goods and services | ~ to subsidies to agriculture

PHRASES a cut/reduction in subsidies The government cut spending through reductions in state subsidies to industry. | the removal/abolition of subsidies protests against the removal of subsidies on basic commodities