struggle verb

1 try very hard to do sth

ADV. desperately, hard, manfully, painfully, really, valiantly He struggled desperately to get to the shore. He struggled hard to keep the boat upright. | a little | constantly | on She struggled on despite the pain.


PREP. against The small boat struggled against the waves. | along, down, for Shona struggled for breath. | through The family struggled through the next few years. | up They struggled up the hill. | with I'm really struggling with this essay.

PHRASES struggle to your feet She struggled to her feet and set off after him.

2 have great difficulties

ADV. badly The team struggled badly last season. | financially I was unemployed and struggling financially.

3 fight sb/try to get away from them

ADV. fiercely, furiously, violently She struggled furiously but could not get away. | together Ben and Jack struggled together on the grass.

PREP. against struggling against her attacker | with He was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the raiders.

PHRASES struggle free The attacker's victim managed to struggle free.