structure noun

ADJ. basic, simple | complex, elaborate | coherent, logical | rigid, stable | flimsy The flimsy structure of the vehicle could not withstand even mild impacts. | formal | internal | solid, three-dimensional | anatomical, body, bone, skeletal/skeleton | atomic, cell/cellular, chemical, molecular | grammatical, language, linguistic, sentence, syntactic | administrative, bureaucratic, committee, control, corporate, hierarchical, institutional, management, organizational, power, etc. | economic, financial, political, social, etc. the social structure of the village | democratic, federal, etc. | class | family, household | pay, price, salary, tax, wage | career

VERB + STRUCTURE have | lack The job lacked a basic career structure. | be based on | create, devise, establish to devise a new management structure | impose

STRUCTURE + VERB be based on sth

PREP. of a … ~ The cell walls of plants are of a fairly rigid structure. | … in ~ The building is very simple in structure. | in a/the ~ There are weaknesses in the structure of the organization. | ~ in/within the salary structure in the firm

PHRASES a change in structure, a change in/to the structure significant changes in the power structure | a lack of structure The novel suffers from a lack of structure.