strike verb

1 hit/attack sb/sth

ADV. firmly, hard He struck her hard across the face. | deep The German army struck deep into northern France. | directly | repeatedly | home (often figurative) The remark struck home.

VERB + STRIKE be ready to, prepare to

PREP. against The oar struck against something hard. | at He struck at me repeatedly with a stick. | into He struck the ball firmly into the back of the net. | on The ball struck her on the head.

2 come into your mind suddenly/give an impression

ADV. immediately | suddenly It suddenly struck me how we could improve the situation. | just An awful thought has just struck me. | forcibly Joan was struck quite forcibly by the silence.

PREP. as He struck me as being rather stupid.

3 go on strike

VERB + STRIKE threaten to | vote to

PREP. against, for The union has voted to strike for a pay increase of six per cent. | in protest at

PHRASES the right to strike