street noun

ADJ. broad, wide | narrow | bustling, busy, congested, crowded | pedestrianized, traffic-free Most local people support the idea of traffic-free streets. | deserted, desolate, empty, lonely, quiet | noisy | dark | bright, well-lit | dim, dimly-lit, gloomy | winding | steep | cobbled, paved | unpaved | clean | dusty, filthy, grubby | dangerous, mean, unsafe He grew up on the mean streets of one of the city's toughest areas. | leafy, tree-lined | one-way, two-way | dead-end | main, principal | back, side a rundown house in the back streets of London a bar in a side street off Oxford Street | city, village | right | wrong You've taken the wrong street. | shopping the town's main shopping street | residential, suburban, urban

VERB + STREET go along/down/up, take, turn down/into/up Take the second street on the right after the bridge. We turned down a dead-end street by mistake. | cross | block, cordon off | patrol The police have been patrolling the streets in this area since the murder. | roam, throng, walk Gangs roamed the streets at night. Crowds thronged the streets. | clear Police were told to clear the streets of drug dealers before the Olympics. | widen

STREET + VERB go, lead, run | bend, curve, turn | be lined with sth streets lined with cafes | be named sth, be named after sb/sth Mozart is remembered by a street named after him.

STREET + NOUN corner | map, plan | layout, network, pattern the dense street pattern of the old town | name, number, sign Most street names were changed under the new regime. The shops had no street numbers on. | lamp, light, lighting | parking | crime, gang | attack, battle, brawl, fight, fighting, robbery, violence He suffered extensive injuries in a street attack. street fighting between police and stone-throwing youths | demonstration, protest | party, procession | cleaner, sweeper | door There were photographers outside the street door so she used a back entrance. | market | entertainer, entertainment, musician, performer, theatre | pedlar, seller, trader, vendor | hustler Tourists need to be wary of street hustlers near the station. | cred/credibility, culture, fashion, life, wisdom His spell in prison gained him a lot of street cred. the street culture of working-class youth | collection The charity is having a street collection in aid of the local hospital. | children, kids, urchins a charity set up to house street children | girls (= prostitutes) | value drugs with a street value of £5 million

PREP. across a/the ~ He could see her across the street. | along a/the ~ They walked along the street. | down a/the ~ A band was playing a little way down the street. | in a/the ~ We live in Barker Street. | (out) in a/the ~ A couple were arguing out in the street. | into a/the ~ She stepped out into the street. He turned into a side street. | off a/the ~ a club just off William Street a scheme to keep teenagers off the streets | (out) on the ~s Thousands of people were out on the streets for the protest. | through the ~s He wandered through the streets of Calcutta. | up a/the ~ There's a chemist's just up the street.

PHRASES at/above/below street level, the end/top of the street, the other side of the street, the street on the left/right