streak noun

1 thin line

ADJ. dark There were dark streaks down her cheeks where she had been crying. | faint, pale

PREP. ~ of The last streaks of light faded from the sky.

PHRASES a streak of lightning A streak of lightning forked across the sky. | a streak of red, white, etc. She had a few streaks of grey in her black hair.

2 aspect of sb's character

ADJ. strong | hidden | adventurous, competitive, independent, mean, puritanical, rebellious, ruthless, selfish, stubborn, vicious

VERB + STREAK have Most of the players have a strong competitive streak. | reveal, show She suddenly revealed a mean streak in her character.

PREP. with a ~ Holidays in the Australian outback are for those with an adventurous streak. | ~ of There was a streak of insanity in the family.

3 period of good/bad luck

ADJ. winning | losing

VERB + STREAK be on The team has been on a winning streak since it won against Lazio.