strategy noun their strategy | ~ for to develop

ADJ. effective, good, successful | an effective strategy for change | bad, poor | clear, coherent | ~ on the party's strategy on viable | future | long-term, poverty | ~ towards a medium-term, short-term | comprehensive strategy towards basic, broad, general, overall regional developmentTheir overall strategy is quite

PHRASES a change in strategy The good, but one or two of the details coming year may herald a change could be improved. | in strategy for major publishers. | comprehensive | global a global the marketing strategy | grand | adoption/development/formulation draft | dual, two-pronged The of a strategy The money will go government has employed a dual towards the development of new strategy to achieve these two product and sales strategies. | the objectives. | radical | high-risk, implementation/pursuit of a risky | defensive | prevention | strategy Their single-minded economics-based, pursuit of this controversial market-oriented, etc. a strategy led to their fall from customer-oriented business power. | part of a strategy He strategy | anti-inflationary, pretended that resigning was part anti-racist, etc. | survival | of his long-term career strategy.defence, military | campaign, election, electoral, government, political | pedagogic, teaching | learning | business, commercial, company, corporate, financial, investment, management/managerial, marketing, product, promotional, recruitment, research, sales | economic, energy, environmental, industrial, legislative, etc.

VERB + STRATEGY have | design, develop, devise, draw up, formulate, map out, plan, work out A coherent strategy for getting more people back to work needs to be developed. The council is drawing up a strategy to meet the needs of the homeless. | explore It is certainly a strategy worth exploring. | adopt, decide (on), employ, follow, implement, pursue, use They're pursuing a strategy of massive retaliation. | outline, propose, set out, unveil The document sets out the government's new strategy. | change, revise | focus The company will now focus its strategy on its core business areas. | abandon

STRATEGY + VERB be based on sth | be aimed at sth, be designed to a strategy aimed at reducing the risk of accidents | consist of sth, involve sth | work The company's financial strategy is not working. | fail

STRATEGY + NOUN development, formulation | review | document, paper

PREP. in a/the ~ the key idea in