storm noun

1 period of bad weather

ADJ. bad, big, devastating, disastrous, ferocious, fierce, great, heavy, raging, severe, terrible, tremendous, violent | approaching, gathering, impending the dark clouds of an approaching storm | freak | autumn, summer, winter | tropical | monsoon | dust, electric/electrical, lightning, magnetic, rain, sand, snow, thunder (also thunderstorm)

VERB + STORM be in for I think we're in for a storm (= going to have one).

STORM + VERB hit sth, strike sth It was the worst storm to hit London this century. | rage The storm raged all night. | be brewing, be coming A storm had been brewing all day. | blow up, break, burst The storm broke while we were on the mountain. | abate, blow itself out, blow over, pass, subside The storm blew over after a couple of hours. | batter sth, buffet sth, lash sth, ravage sth, sweep sth a boat battered by the storm Winter storms swept the coasts. | last The storm lasted for three days.

STORM + NOUN cloud (often figurative) In 1939 the storm clouds gathered over Europe. | damage, losses Insurance companies face hefty payouts for storm damage.

PREP. during/in a/the ~

PHRASES at the height of the storm, the calm/lull before the storm, the eye of the storm

2 violent display of strong feeling

ADJ. approaching, coming, gathering a gathering storm of discontent | political

VERB + STORM arouse, cause, create, provoke, raise, spark | face | ride out, weather The government is determined to ride out the political storm sparked by its new immigration policy.

STORM + VERB blow up, break, burst, erupt | blow over, pass

PREP. amid a/the ~ The band toured Ireland amid a storm of controversy. | ~ between, ~ of His comments created a storm of protest in the media. | ~ over A storm blew up between Britain and America over Venezuela.