store noun

1 shop

ADJ. big, large, major | small | retail | department | self-service | high-street, local, village | chain | discount | convenience, corner, general | electrical, grocery, hardware, etc.

QUANT. chain

STORE + VERB sell sth

STORE + NOUN chain | account, card | assistant, manager, owner | detective

PREP. at/in a/the ~

2 supply for future use

ADJ. considerable, good, great, inexhaustible, large, vast | small | food | fat your body's fat stores

VERB + STORE have, keep | build up

STORE + NOUN cupboard, room (also storeroom)

PREP. ~ of a vast store of knowledge

3 place for keeping sth

ADJ. cold, cool, dry Beef and lamb are hung in a cold store for at least a week. | temporary | ammunition, equipment, grain, etc.

STORE + VERB hold sth The grain store holds several thousand tonnes.

PREP. in a/the ~ You'll find a ladder in the equipment store. | ~ for We're using the shed as a temporary store for all our stuff.