stop noun

1 stopping or staying

ADJ. long | brief, short | overnight | abrupt, sharp, sudden | emergency | scheduled, unscheduled | coffee, fuel, lunch, refreshment, refuelling, toilet, etc. | pit The cars made two pit stops during the race.

VERB + STOP bring/draw sth to, put She brought the car to an abrupt stop. to put a stop to all the arguments | come to, draw to, slow to The truck came to a sudden stop. | screech to | have, make We had a lunch stop at Timperley.

STOP + NOUN sign

PREP. ~ at There will be a stop at Canterbury. | ~ for a stop for refreshments

PHRASES come to a dead/full stop Between twelve and two everything comes to a dead stop.

2 for a bus, etc.

ADJ. bus, tram | request

VERB + STOP get off at | miss We were chatting and missed our stop.

PREP. at a/the ~ We dropped the kids off at the bus stop. | between ~s You're not allowed to get off between stops.