stone noun

1 hard solid substance

ADJ. heavy | hard, soft | rough, smooth | weathered | carved a carved stone fireplace | building

QUANT. block, slab

VERB + STONE break, cut, hew (sth from/out of) Convicts were made to break stone for the roads. The stone is cut into blocks ready for building. The walls were hewn from local stone. | dress | be built/carved/made from/in/(out) of, carve sth in names carved in stone

STONE + NOUN block, flag, slab The path's stone flags were worn and broken. | arch/archway, bridge, building, floor, pillar, stairs, structure, wall, etc. | monument, sculpture | age

PREP. in ~ He is a sculptor who works mainly in stone.

2 small piece of rock

ADJ. sharp | smooth | round | loose Some loose stones tumbled down the slope behind her. | foundation, memorial, paving, stepping | grinding

QUANT. heap, pile

VERB + STONE hurl, throw The boys were caught throwing stones at passing trains.

3 precious stone

ADJ. gem (also gemstone), precious, semi-precious

VERB + STONE mine | cut | set She had the stone set in a ring.

STONE + VERB glitter, shine

4 measure of weight > Note at MEASURE