stock noun

1 available supply of sth

ADJ. good, high, huge, large | low | adequate | declining, dwindling, falling dwindling fish stocks in the North Sea | surplus | buffer, reserve A buffer stock of grain was held in case of emergency shortages. | fresh, new | old | existing | fish, food, etc. | housing The housing stock is no longer large enough for the population. | capital, money | library

VERB + STOCK carry, have, hold, keep The big supermarkets carry huge stocks of most goods. | add to, increase | dispose of, get rid of, reduce, sell off They're selling off their old stock cheap. | maintain, protect laws to protect fish stocks | replace, replenish

STOCK + VERB be/go up, increase | be/go down, decline, dwindle, fall, run low Stocks of coal are running dangerously low. | last The offer is only available while stocks last.

STOCK + NOUN cupboard, room (also stockroom) | levels | control

PREP. from ~ We can supply the table from stock. | in ~ Have you got futon beds in stock or will I have to order one? | out of ~ Red tights are out of stock.

2 share in the capital of a company

ADJ. blue-chip, gilt-edged, index-linked

VERB + STOCK acquire, buy, invest in, purchase | cash in, dispose of, sell | deal in, trade | have, hold, own | issue | value The stocks were valued at £100,000.

STOCK + VERB be down/up | fall, go down, plummet, sink | go up, rise, soar

STOCK + NOUN exchange, market | index

PREP. in ~s She's got about £30,000 in stocks.

PHRASES investment in stocks, the value of the stocks The total value of the stocks was over £3 million.

3 liquid used for making soups, sauces, etc.

ADJ. chicken, fish, vegetable, etc.

VERB + STOCK make | thicken | dilute, reduce | flavour Flavour the stock with bay leaves.


PREP. in a/the ~ Poach the fish in the stock.