station noun

1 where trains stop

ADJ. next We get off at the next station. | railway, train | metro, subway, tube, underground

VERB + STATION get to, go to We got to the station just as the train was pulling out. | leave | arrive at The train arrived at Oxford Station twenty minutes late.

STATION + NOUN platform

PREP. at a/the ~ He got off at the same station. | in a/the ~ There's a newspaper kiosk in the station.

2 where buses/coaches begin and end journeys

ADJ. bus, coach

VERB + STATION leave The coach leaves the station at 0900 hours. | arrive at

PREP. at a/the ~ We waited for him at the coach station.

3 radio/television company

ADJ. radio, television/TV | foreign, local | cable, satellite | commercial

VERB + STATION get, pick up, tune (in) to I can pick up a lot of foreign stations on this radio. | listen to