start verb

ADV. suddenly Her heart suddenly started to race. | immediately | just He has just started at school. At that point I just started to hate the man. | off, out We'll start off by doing some warm-up exercises. | (all over) again We'll just have to start all over again.

VERB + START decide to, expect to, hope to, intend to, plan to | be due to, be expected to, be scheduled to Work is due to start this weekend. | be ready to By early evening he was ready to start work. | be about to, be going to A new term was about to start. | had better You'd better start packing if you're to leave early tomorrow morning.

PREP. by Let's start by reviewing what we did last week. | from Start from the beginning and tell me exactly what happened. | on I've finished decorating the bathroom, so now I can start on the bedroom. | with Let's start with this first piece of music.

PHRASES get started It's already quite late, so I think we should get started. | let's start