start noun

ADJ. auspicious, bright, encouraging, flying, good, great, impressive, promising, sound, wonderful Despite a bright start, Liverpool lost the match. | disappointing, disastrous, poor, rocky, shaky, slow, uncertain | false After a couple of false starts, she found the job that suited her. | fresh, new | early, late | very right from the very start

VERB + START make I think it's time we made a start. | get off to The company has got off to an impressive start this financial year. | herald, mark

START + NOUN button, date, signal

PREP. at the ~ (of) Everyone was in a conciliatory mood at the start of the meeting. | from the ~ She felt at home in her new job right from the start. | ~ to The fine winter weather heralded a good start to the year. | ~ in Moving to a good school gave Sally a fresh start in life.

PHRASES from start to finish This is a thoroughly good book from start to finish.