stand verb

1 be on your feet/be upright

ADV. upright | still Stand still while I take your photo. | barefoot | on tiptoe She stood on tiptoe to reach the shelf. | awkwardly, meekly, stiffly, uncertainly He stood awkwardly in the doorway, not sure what to say. | around, there Don't just stand there?do something.

VERB + STAND can/can't, could/couldn't The roof was so low I could not stand upright. | can/could barely/hardly He felt so weak he could hardly stand.

PHRASES be left standing After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.

2 tolerate sth

VERB + STAND can/can't, could/couldn't I can't stand that man! | can/could hardly

3 be a candidate in an election

ADV. successfully, unsuccessfully

PREP. against Two candidates will be standing against her. | as She stood unsuccessfully as a candidate in the local elections. | for He is standing for Oxford East in the parliamentary election. PHRASAL VERBS stand by

ADV. idly, passively Surely the world cannot stand idly by and let this country go through the agony of war yet again?

VERB + STAND can/can't, could/couldn't stand up

ADV. straight You'll look taller if you stand up straight.