stand noun

1 effort to resist opposition

ADJ. defiant, determined, firm, strong, tough | moral, principled | last, last-ditch | public

VERB + STAND make, take

PREP. ~ against to make a stand against industries that contribute to river pollution | ~ on He has taken a public stand on the issue of misuse of hospital funds.

2 table/small shop

ADJ. market, trade | hot-dog, newspaper, etc. | display, exhibition | information

VERB + STAND have Our company has a display stand at this year's fair. | set up | man We took it in turns to man the exhibition stand.

PREP. at a/the ~ We can get a magazine at the newspaper stand. | on the ~ I'll be on the stand for two hours. You'll find brochures on our new products on the stand.

3 furniture/equipment for putting sth on

ADJ. hat, umbrella | microphone, music

PREP. in/on a/the ~ There was some flute music open on the music stand.