staff noun

ADJ. full-time, part-time | permanent, temporary | skeleton We'll be down to a skeleton staff over Christmas. | experienced, professional, qualified, skilled, trained | unskilled | junior, senior | ancillary, support | general (= officers assisting a military leader in administration and planning) | academic, administrative, editorial, etc. | nursing, teaching, etc. | hospital, hotel, etc. | bar, kitchen, etc.

QUANT. member There are only four full-time members of staff in the company.

VERB + STAFF employ, have The company has a staff of fifty. | appoint, engage, hire, recruit, take on staff appointed to the project I've heard they're recruiting staff at the moment. | dismiss, fire, lay off, make redundant, sack A spokesperson said that the bank expects to make 15,000 staff redundant over the next three years. | train | pay They pay their staff by cheque. | join He joined the editorial staff in 1999. | leave

STAFF + NOUN member | levels, numbers, resources | shortage | turnover | cut | appointment The hospital is freezing staff appointments as part of its cutbacks. | development, training | morale | meeting | canteen, dining room, restaurant, room

PREP. on the ~ (of) She has been on the staff of the hospital for most of her working life.

PHRASES chief of staff (= the most senior officer serving under and advising the person who commands each of the armed forces)