spot noun

1 small red mark on the skin

VERB + SPOT break out in The children all had measles, and had broken out in spots. | scratch, squeeze

2 place/area

ADJ. exact, particular, precise | convenient, good, ideal, perfect, right, suitable Take the time to find the right spot to pitch your tent. | beautiful, beauty, idyllic, lovely, pleasant The lake is one of the local beauty spots. | favourite, popular a favourite spot for picnickers | deserted, desolate, isolated, lonely, remote | quiet, secluded | shady, sheltered | sunny | holiday, tourist | picnic | sore, tender | sensitive (often figurative) From his angry reply it was obvious that I had touched a sensitive spot. | vulnerable, weak Check your house for weak spots where a thief could get in. | blind (often figurative) I have a blind spot where jazz is concerned (= I don't understand it). | danger, trouble one of the world's major trouble spots | high, number one/two, etc., top The record quickly reached the number one spot in the charts. | bald He usually wears a hat to hide his bald spot.

VERB + SPOT mark On your map, X marks the spot where the race begins. | reach | be frozen/rooted to He stood rooted to the spot, unable to move.

PREP. on the ~ The fire brigade was on the spot within minutes.

PHRASES an accident black spot