splendour noun

ADJ. full A butterfly emerged in its full splendour a week later. | glorious, great, regal | former, original | faded, fading | scenic

VERB + SPLENDOUR have The hotel has the splendour of a nineteenth-century mansion. | lose | recapture, regain It will take a lot of repair work before the theatre regains its former splendour. | restore sth to The house has been restored to its original splendour.

PREP. in ~ They dined in a special suite in glorious splendour. | in sb's/sth's ~ There below lay Paris in all its splendour. | of ~ a castle of great splendour | ~s of I've only just discovered the splendours of the English countryside.

PHRASES in solitary splendour The castle rises in solitary splendour on the fringe of the desert.