speed noun

ADJ. amazing, astonishing, breakneck, fast, great, high, incredible, lightning, phenomenal, remarkable, startling, surprising, terrific The new houses have been built with astonishing speed. He drove us to the hospital at breakneck speed. | low, slow | full, maximum, top | excess 90% of car accidents involve excess speed. | constant, steady | average | cruising, flying, operating, reading, running The machinery is regulated to a safe running speed. | engine, traffic, etc. | air, wind

QUANT. burst The Greek runner produced an electrifying burst of speed over the last 50 metres.

VERB + SPEED attain, reach The car reaches a speed of 60 miles per hour within five seconds. | build up, gain, gather, increase, pick up The train pulled out of the station, slowly gathering speed. | lose | curb, kill, reduce measures to curb the speed of cars travelling through the village | maintain The boat maintained a steady speed while the sea was calm. | measure

SPEED + VERB increase | decrease

SPEED + NOUN control, reduction, restriction | record ‘Mallard’ holds the speed record for a steam locomotive. | hump | camera, trap

PREP. at ~ (= fast) The train was travelling at speed when the accident happened. at lightning speed | with ~ Hedgehogs, though small, can move with surprising speed.

PHRASES (at) full speed He was running at full speed when a tendon snapped in his leg. | full speed ahead The boat can be brought to a stop from full speed ahead within her own length. | the speed of light/sound Concorde crosses the Atlantic at twice the speed of sound. | a turn of speed For a small car it has a good turn of speed.