speculation noun

1 making guesses about sth

ADJ. considerable, intense, much, widespread | further, increasing, renewed | continuing, endless | pure | mere Whether or not he will get the job is mere speculation. | wild | idle, fruitless | rife Speculation was rife as to whom the prince might marry. | media, press | metaphysical, philosophical

VERB + SPECULATION cause, encourage, fuel, give rise to, increase, intensify, invite, lead to, prompt, raise | dampen, discourage, end, put an end to | dismiss | indulge in

PREP. amid ~ He was dropped from the team amid speculation that he was seriously ill. | ~ among There was wild speculation among the students as to the reason for cancelling the lecture. | ~ about/as to/on/over There has been increasing speculation over the future of the monarchy.

PHRASES a matter for speculation, a subject of speculation

2 buying and selling for profit

ADJ. financial | market | currency, land, property, etc.

PREP. ~ against speculation against the euro | ~ in speculation in oil | ~ on speculation on the stock market