spectacles noun

ADJ. heavy | gold-rimmed, horn-rimmed, metal-framed, rimless, steel-rimmed, wide-framed | pebble, thick, thick-lensed | bifocal, half-moon, tinted | dark | safety

QUANT. pair

VERB + SPECTACLES have on, wear | put on | take off | push up She pushed her spectacles up her nose and sighed. | adjust | polish | look through/over, peer through/over He peered at the waiter over his spectacles.

SPECTACLES + VERB be perched on sth, perch on sth Her wire-framed spectacles were perched on the end of her nose. | glint Her spectacles glinted in the moonlight. | steam up His spectacles steamed up in the hot room.

PREP. behind your ~, through your ~