spark noun

1 small bright piece of burning material/electric flash

ADJ. tiny | flying | electric

VERB + SPARK emit, produce, send (out), shower, strike The firework showered sparks all over the lawn. His iron-tipped stick struck sparks from the pavement.

SPARK + VERB fly | ignite sth, set fire to sth Flying sparks set fire to the dry grass. | die (out)

PHRASES a shower of sparks The grinding wheel sent a shower of sparks across the workbench. | a spark of light

2 small amount of a quality/feeling

ADJ. little, tiny A tiny spark of rebellion flared within her. | creative, divine, vital

VERB + SPARK have | lack His performances lack creative spark. | feel She felt a little spark of anger. | kindle

SPARK + VERB flare, kindle

PREP. ~ of He had kindled a spark of interest within her.

PHRASES a spark of hope/life, a spark of originality

3 (usually sparks) feelings of anger/excitement

VERB + SPARK shoot Her eyes shot sparks of contempt. | draw His remarks drew sparks from her.

SPARK + VERB fly Sparks flew at the meeting.