space noun

1 empty area

ADJ. large, vast, wide She left a large space empty at the bottom of the page. He liked the wide open spaces of the Australian countryside. | adequate, ample, enough, sufficient The new flat has ample living space. | limited, small, tiny | narrow the narrow space between the sofa and the wall | open | confined, enclosed Avoid using the cleaner in a confined space. | awkward This chisel is useful for getting into awkward spaces. | available, free, vacant The exhibition takes up most of the available space in the gallery. looking for a free parking space | blank, empty, white Fill in the blank spaces in the table. The page layout included plenty of white space. | living | storage | floor, roof, shelf, wall, etc. | office | parking | personal She moved out of the house because she wanted her own personal space. | private | public | green The inner residential areas don't have many green spaces. | air The plane strayed into French air space. | disk | advertising The magazine is struggling to fill all its advertising space. | exhibition, gallery

VERB + SPACE make use of, take up, use The potted plants take up too much space. | create, make They moved the sofa to make space for the piano. | waste | save | clear We'd better clear a space for the new computer. | fill (in) | jostle for A motley collection of ornaments jostled for space on the crowded shelf. | stare into She sat there motionless, staring into space.

PREP. ~ between the space between the bookshelves

PHRASES be/run short of space I'm running short of disk space. | time and space The writer lacked the time and space to develop his idea fully.

2 vast area containing planets, stars, etc.

ADJ. deep | outer

VERB + SPACE go into

SPACE + NOUN exploration, programme, research, science | flight, travel | capsule, probe, rocket, ship (also spaceship), shuttle, station

PREP. in ~ the first man in space

3 period of time

ADJ. long | brief, short | 2-second, 10-minute, etc. The recording includes a 5-second space between tracks. | breathing The extension of the deadline gives us a breathing space.

PREP. for the ~ of The job holder will be on probation for the space of six months. | in/within the ~ of He fell asleep in the space of a few minutes. | ~ of She returned to top-class tennis after a space of two years.

PHRASES a space of time They have achieved a great deal in a short space of time.