sovereignty noun

ADJ. absolute, full, unlimited Demonstrators demanded full sovereignty for the self-proclaimed republic. | limited | inalienable | joint, shared | national, popular | British, Japanese, etc. | consumer, economic, legal, parliamentary, political, territorial

VERB + SOVEREIGNTY enjoy, exercise, have China exercises sovereignty over Hong Kong. | share | claim, declare, establish, proclaim | give sb/sth, grant sb/sth | give up, relinquish, renounce | violate | defend

SOVEREIGNTY + VERB reside (in/with sb/sth) Sovereignty resides with the people.

PREP. ~ over The treaty gave Edward III sovereignty over Calais and the whole of Aquitaine.

PHRASES a claim to sovereignty Two countries have a claim to sovereignty over the islands. | a declaration of sovereignty Protesters called on the government to adopt a declaration of sovereignty. | a loss of sovereignty the partial loss of sovereignty to supranational institutions | the sovereignty of Parliament/the people This constitutes an attack on the sovereignty of Parliament. | a transfer of sovereignty fears about the transfer of sovereignty to the European Union | a violation of sovereignty