soup noun

ADJ. chunky, creamy, hearty, thick hearty vegetable soup | clear, thin | hot | cold | home-made | condensed, dried, packet, tinned | chicken, tomato, etc.

QUANT. bowl, cup, mug | packet, tin

VERB + SOUP cook, make, prepare | bring to the boil, heat (up), simmer | have We had a cold cucumber soup as a starter. | drink, eat (Eat is the normal verb when the soup is served in a bowl.) | slurp Don't slurp your soup! | ladle (out), serve He ladled out three bowls of soup.

SOUP + NOUN bowl, dish, plate, tureen | spoon | kitchen (= a place where soup and other food is supplied free to people with no money)

PHRASES a bowl/cup/mug of soup, a packet/tin of soup > Special page at FOOD