solution noun

1 to a problem, difficult situation, etc.

ADJ. complete, comprehensive | partial | effective, good, happy, ideal, neat, optimal, perfect, real His plan does not offer a real solution to the problem. | acceptable | satisfactory, workable | correct, right | easy, obvious, simple | possible | feasible, practical, realistic, viable | cost-effective | creative, imaginative, ingenious | drastic, radical | early, immediate, instant, quick, speedy The UN representative stressed the urgency of an early solution. | final, lasting, long-term, permanent, ultimate | interim, short-term, temporary | proposed | pragmatic | compromise, negotiated | diplomatic, peaceful, political | military | technical

VERB + SOLUTION look for, seek, work towards | achieve, agree (on), arrive at, come up with, find, produce, reach, work out attempts to find a comprehensive political solution to the crisis | propose, put forward, suggest | adopt | offer, provide

PREP. ~ for a quick solution for dealing with the paper shortage | ~ to They were seeking an ultimate solution to the city's traffic problem.

2 liquid in which a solid has been dissolved

ADJ. concentrated, neat, strong | dilute, weak | saturated | acid | alkaline | aqueous | saline, salt | bicarbonate, sodium chloride, etc.


PREP. in ~ aluminium ions in solution