soldier noun

ADJ. brave, fine, good, great The minister paid tribute to the brave soldiers who had lost their lives. | trained | experienced, veteran | former, old, retired | professional, regular | volunteer | conscript | common, ordinary, private, rank-and-file What was life like for the common soldier? | fellow He was deeply affected by the death of one of his fellow soldiers. | loyal soldiers loyal to the president | dead, injured, wounded | armed | foot, mounted | mercenary | enemy | Allied, British, etc. | government, rebel | uniformed | undercover | toy

VERB + SOLDIER be, serve as | enlist as He decided to enlist as a soldier. | play little boys playing soldiers

SOLDIER + VERB enlist The number of soldiers enlisting has fallen dramatically. | be stationed, serve soldiers serving in the Germany | march | fight (sb) | defend sth, guard sth | open fire (on sb) At least 19 people were killed when soldiers opened fire on a peaceful demonstration. | shoot sb dead | be killed in action, die | be wounded | be missing in action | be captured, be taken prisoner | return soldiers returning from the war | desert