soil noun

1 earth

ADJ. deep | shallow, thin | fertile, good, rich | barren, infertile, poor | light | heavy | loose | dry | damp, moist, waterlogged, wet | acid/acidic, alkaline | contaminated | top (also topsoil) | chalky, clay/clayey, peaty, sandy, stony | alluvial, desert, forest, garden, polar, volcanic

VERB + SOIL cultivate | dig, till, turn, work fields of newly turned soil The clayey soils of the region are difficult to work. | fertilize | drain | loosen

SOIL + NOUN conservation | degradation, erosion | conditions, fertility, quality declining soil fertility | type | surface | science, scientist

PREP. in (the) ~ The flowers do well in sandy soil.

2 part of a country

ADJ. native | foreign

VERB + SOIL set foot on She first set foot on French soil at a small Channel port.

PREP. on … ~ protests over the siting of nuclear weapons on British soil