sofa noun

ADJ. battered | comfortable, plush | deep, low-slung She sank into the deep sofa. | chintz, leather, etc. | wide | three-seater, two-seater, etc. | convertible The convertible sofa means that the apartment can sleep four.

VERB + SOFA collapse on/onto, flop (back) on/onto, lower yourself onto, settle (yourself) (down) on, sink down on/onto, sink (back/down) onto, sit (down) on, slump (back) on/onto He slumped back on the sofa in tears. | be sprawled across/on, be stretched out on, lie on, lounge on, recline on, sprawl across/on, stretch out on I spent the evening sprawled on the sofa, watching TV. | get up from, jump up from, pull yourself up from, rise from He got up from the sofa to fetch some drinks.


PREP. on the ~ She was curled up on the sofa.

PHRASES the arm/back/edge of a sofa