society noun

1 people who have shared customs and laws

ADJ. wider the position of women within the family and the wider society | contemporary, modern | traditional | advanced the division of labour in an advanced capitalist society | primitive | egalitarian, free, just, open | closed | civilized, humane | affluent the consumerist values of the affluent society | consumer, consumerist | throwaway Our throwaway society must be encouraged to recycle. | permissive | multicultural, multiracial, pluralistic | divided, stratified Years of high unemployment have left society deeply divided. | civil the relationship between the state and civil society | secular | human a theory on the basis of human society | class | classless | tribal | matriarchal, patriarchal | bourgeois | capitalist, democratic, feudal, socialist, etc. | industrial, post-industrial, pre-industrial | agricultural, technological | Western | rural, urban, village | polite Such language would not be used in polite society.

VERB + SOCIETY build, create, shape the struggle to build a just society | permeate, pervade the greed that pervades modern society | fit into Prisoners often have problems fitting into society on their release. | polarize

SOCIETY + VERB be based on sth a society based on social justice

PREP. in/within (a) ~ the role of television in modern Western society

PHRASES a cross-section of society The clinic deals with a wide cross-section of society | the fabric of society The civil war tore apart the fabric of society. | the higher/top echelons of society Officers were drawn largely from the top echelons of society. | a level/rank/stratum of society Child cruelty exists at all levels of society. | a member of society welfare reforms to protect the most vulnerable members of society | an outcast from/of society She devoted herself to helping the outcasts of society. | the backbone/a bulwark/a pillar of society One of the pillars of society must be that everyone has access to the legal system. He considered himself to be a pillar of society. | your place/rank in society A person's job is one of the factors that determines their place in society. | the rest of society He felt isolated from the rest of society. | a section/sector/segment of society Every section of society must have access to education. | society as a whole The research examines minorities and their relation to society as a whole. | society at large Health standards have risen in society at large. | the structure of a society the class structure of British society

2 organization formed for a particular purpose

ADJ. secret | debating, dramatic, historical, horticultural, law, medical, musical, religious, etc.

VERB + SOCIETY belong to She belongs to the historical society. | become a member of, join | create, establish, form, found, set up, start

PREP. in a/the ~ She was active in the Society for Women's Suffrage. | ~ for a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals | ~ of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders > Note at ORGANIZATION