snow noun

ADJ. heavy, thick | fine, light The plants were covered in fine snow. | deep | damp, wet | compacted, crisp, frozen, hard, packed The crisp snow crunched as we walked through it. The frozen snow was treacherous to walk on. | powder/powdery, soft | drifting, driving, falling, swirling They struggled on through the driving snow. | melted, melting | fresh, new, newly fallen | first the first snow of winter | spring, winter | artificial They had to use artificial snow at the Winter Olympics. | dirty

QUANT. flake | fall, flurry | patch | blanket, carpet | inch Three inches of snow fell had fallen.

VERB + SNOW be covered in The car was completely covered in snow. | clear, shovel, sweep She cleared the snow from the path.

SNOW + VERB cover sth, lie, pile (up), settle Snow covered everything from horizon to horizon. Snow had piled up against the walls of the cottage. It was too warm for the snow to settle. | drift, drive, fall, swirl | melt, thaw

SNOW + NOUN conditions, flurry, storm (also snowstorm) | plough (also snowplough) | blindness

PREP. across ~ They travelled across the snow in a sleigh. | in/into ~ The children are playing in the snow. | through ~ We struggled through the deep snow back to the chalet. | under ~ The steps were buried under the snow.