smoke noun

ADJ. dense, thick | black, blue, grey, etc. | billowing | acrid, choking, stale | cigar, cigarette, pipe, tobacco

QUANT. cloud, column, haze, pall, plume, puff, spiral, wisp We sat drinking in a haze of cigarette smoke. The witch disappeared in a puff of smoke.

VERB + SMOKE belch (out), blow, emit The lorry ahead was belching out black smoke. Don't blow smoke in my face! | exhale | inhale | go up in The barn went up in smoke (= was destroyed by a fire). | be wreathed in She sat there wreathed in cigarette smoke.

SMOKE + VERB belch, billow, curl, drift, fill, pour, rise from/into Blue smoke curled upwards from her cigarette. | hang A pall of yellow smoke hung over the quarry. | clear When the smoke cleared we saw the extent of the damage.

SMOKE + NOUN plume, ring I taught myself to blow smoke rings. | signal | bomb | alarm, detector | emission | inhalation

PHRASES full of smoke, thick with smoke The public bar was thick with stale tobacco smoke.