smile verb

ADV. broadly, widely She put down her tools and smiled broadly. | faintly, slightly, thinly, wanly, weakly He looked at the mess and smiled weakly. | dazzlingly, happily, radiantly, warmly Lawrence nodded, smiling happily. | charmingly, gently, sweetly, winningly | benignly, kindly, politely | shyly | encouragingly, indulgently, reassuringly The doctor smiled reassuringly. | apologetically, sheepishly | ruefully, wryly Molly smiled rather wryly and said nothing. | archly, enigmatically | conspiratorially | sadly | grimly | humourlessly, mirthlessly | crookedly, lopsidedly | back He smiled at her, and she smiled back.

VERB + SMILE try to | manage to | make sb The memory still made her smile.

PREP. at He turned and smiled at me. | with She smiled with pleasure.

PHRASES smile from ear to ear, smile to yourself She smiled to herself, picturing how surprised her mother would be to see her.