smile noun

ADJ. bright, broad, wide | faint, thin, wan, weak | beatific, cheerful, dazzling, happy, radiant, sunny, warm the warm smile in his eyes | charming, gentle, sweet, winning | arch, disarming, enigmatic, mocking, rueful, sardonic, wry She gave a wry smile. | sad | shy | apologetic, sheepish | encouraging, indulgent, reassuring | polite | beguiling | ready | fixed, forced | supercilious | conspiratorial, knowing | grim a grim smile of satisfaction | humourless, mirthless She suppressed a mirthless smile. | crooked, lopsided | toothless

QUANT. glimmer, hint, trace A trace of a smile played across her lips.

VERB + SMILE have, wear She had a happy smile on her face. | flash (sb), give sb, smile He flashed her a disarming smile. She smiled a smile of dry amusement. | manage She managed a weak smile. | return She returned his smile. | hide, repress, suppress They had to hide their smiles. | forced Her father forced a smile. | bring Her antics brought a smile to my face. | crease into His face creased into a smile.

SMILE + VERB fade, freeze, vanish Her sunny smile vanished as she read the letter. | cross sth, flicker across sth, play across sth A faint smile flickered across her face. | tug at the corner of the mouth A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. | grow, spread (across/over sth) Her smile grew radiant. A gentle smile spread over her face.

PREP. with a ~ ‘Oh, hello, ’ he said, with a smile. | ~ of a smile of approval

PHRASES be all smiles Twelve hours later she was all smiles again. | be wreathed in smiles His face was wreathed in smiles. | wipe the smile off sb's face I'm going to wipe that smile off your face (= make you stop thinking this is funny).