slide verb

ADV. slowly Tears slid slowly down his pale cheek. | quickly | easily | smoothly a vehicle that will slide smoothly across snow | gently | gracefully | noiselessly, quietly, silently The moon slid silently behind a cloud. | imperceptibly | helplessly We slid helplessly down the slope. | away, back, backwards, down, forward, forwards, in, out, sideways The drawers slide in and out easily. (figurative) The eyes slid away from his own in embarrassment.

VERB + SLIDE begin to The melting snow began to slide from the sloping roofs.

PREP. across, along, down, from, into, off, onto, out of, over, to, up, etc. She took the note and slid it quickly into her pocket. He slid off the couch and walked over to me.

PHRASES slide open The lift doors slid open.