sleep verb

ADV. properly, soundly, well I haven't slept properly for weeks. The children were all sleeping soundly. Did you sleep well last night? | peacefully, quietly | easier, easily, quiet When the murderer is caught we can all sleep easier in our beds at night. | badly, fitfully, uneasily | deeply, heavily He was exhausted and slept deeply. | lightly She always slept very lightly so I had to be careful not to wake her. | barely, hardly, scarcely She felt as if she had hardly slept. | a little | alone | together

VERB + SLEEP be unable to, can't/couldn't I couldn't sleep so I got up and went downstairs. | try to You must be very tired. Try to sleep a little. | let sb | put sb/sth to You should always put babies to sleep on their backs. We had to have our dog put to sleep (= humanely killed because it was so ill).

PREP. for I only slept for four hours that night. | through She slept right through the storm. | with Everyone knows she sleeps with the boss.

PHRASES not sleep a wink (= not sleep at all) I didn't sleep a wink last night. | sleep late Let them sleep late on Saturday morning if they want to. | sleep like a baby/log (= sleep very well), sleep rough the problem of young people who sleep rough in the streets