skin noun

1 covering of a human/animal body

ADJ. beautiful, clear, fine, flawless, good, healthy, lovely, perfect | smooth, soft | translucent | supple, young, youthful | wrinkled | coarse, hard, leathery, rough, tough | delicate, sensitive | greasy, oily | moist | dry, flaky | congested | black, brown, dark, fair, golden, milky, olive, olive-tinged/-tinted, pale, swarthy, white | bronzed, tanned | sunburnt | weathered | pallid, sallow | freckled | raw, tender There was a patch of raw skin on my back where the sun had burnt it. | blotchy | puffy I examined the puffy skin under my eyes. | blistered | hairy | hairless | chilled, cold, cool | facial | bare, naked The sheets felt nice next to his bare skin. | loose I picked up the kitten by the loose skin on its neck. | armoured, scaly the armoured skin of the rhinoceros | dead A lot of dust is made up of particles of dead skin.

VERB + SKIN break, burn, damage, irritate | protect | nourish, soothe | shed This snake sheds its skin eight times a year.

SKIN + VERB glisten, glow Her skin was glistening with sweat after her run. | age They claim that this cream makes the skin age more slowly. | hang, sag | blister, to the doctor.

PHRASES skin and bone The dog lost more and more weight, and was soon little more than skin and bone.

2 skin of an animal that has been removed

ADJ. animal | crocodile, goat, leopard, sheep (also sheepskin), etc.

VERB + SKIN cure, tan

3 covering of some fruits/ vegetables

ADJ. banana, onion, potato, etc.

VERB + SKIN peel off, remove burn, peel | crawl, prickle, tingle Just thinking about spiders makes my skin crawl.

SKIN + NOUN allergy, burns, cancer, complaint, condition, damage, disease, disorder, infection, irritation, lesion, problems, rash | graft | clinic | specialist | care, cleanser, cream, moisturizer, tonic | colour, tone | texture | type | cells, tissue | contact Avoid skin contact with the glue.

PREP. against the/your ~ The sheets felt rough against her sunburnt skin. | beneath the/your ~ Beneath his skin, the muscles were tight with tension. | in the/your ~ The drugs reduce the inflammation in the skin. | on the/your ~ blisters on the skin | through the/your ~ A network of veins showed through his skin. | under the/your ~ He discovered a lump under his skin so he went