sit verb

1 on a chair, etc.

ADV. still Just sit still! | quietly He would sit quietly and watch what was happening. | comfortably | in silence We sat in silence for a few moments. | cross-legged, with your legs crossed The children sat cross-legged on the floor. She was sitting in her favourite chair with her legs crossed. | (bolt) upright He sat bolt upright, hands folded in front of him. | demurely, primly She sat demurely on the edge of her chair. | back, down | side by side, together

VERB + SIT let sb Surely someone would stand up and let her sit down? | gesture for/to sb to, motion (for/to) sb to He motioned the young officer to sit down.

PREP. astride sitting astride a horse | at He was sitting at his desk. | beside She went and sat beside him. | in He sat back in his chair and started to read. | on Can I sit on this chair? | opposite They sat opposite each other.

2 seem right/not seem right

ADV. comfortably, easily, well | uneasily

PREP. with His views did not sit comfortably with the management line.