sink verb

1 in water/mud, etc.

ADV. slowly | fast Fergus was in waist-deep and sinking fast. | deep | down She sank down into the soft soil.

VERB + SINK begin to, start to

PREP. below/beneath We watched the boat sink beneath the waves. | into Our feet sank deep into the soft sand as we walked. | (up) to He sank up to his knees in the mud.

PHRASES sink like a stone The box sank like a stone. | sink without trace It seemed as though the ship had sunk without trace.

2 fall/sit down

ADV. gratefully, happily I sank gratefully into the warm, dry bed. | gracefully | low | back, down

PREP. into He sank lower into his chair. | onto She sank gracefully down onto a cushion at his feet.

PHRASES sink to the floor/ground She sank to the ground, exhausted. | sink to your knees The old man had sunk to his knees.