single noun

1 ticket

VERB + SINGLE buy, get I got a single to Birmingham.

PREP. ~ to A single to Stratford, please.

2 CD, tape, etc.

ADJ. best-selling, hit | debut, first | forthcoming | latest, new

VERB + SINGLE play She was in her room playing her singles. | release (sth as) The band later released this album track as a single.

SINGLE + VERB come out

SINGLE + NOUN chart number one in the singles chart

PHRASES ~ by It was voted the best single by a solo artist. | ~ from the new single from the band ‘Therapy?’

3 singles: in tennis

ADJ. junior, men's, women's

VERB + SINGLE play I prefer playing singles to doubles. | win She won the junior singles.

SINGLE + NOUN championship, final, match | champion, player | title

PHRASES in the ~ She decided not to play in the singles.