show verb

1 make sth clear; let sb see sth

ADV. clearly The figures clearly show that her claims are false.

VERB + SHOW appear to, seem to | go to It just goes to show what you can do when you really try. | aim to, attempt to, seek to, try to | be able to, can/could | be unable to, fail to | be expected to, be likely to Third quarter figures are likely to show a further fall in figures. | help (to) | offer to | refuse to Lewis refused to show any emotion. | be anxious to, be eager to, be happy to, be keen to, intend to, want to, wish to Les was happy to show her how it should be done. | be designed to | let sb Let me show you on the map.

PREP. to She showed her new toy to her friends.

PHRASES a chance to show sth I'm giving him a chance to show what he can do.

2 be visible

ADV. hardly It's such a tiny mark, it hardly shows.

VERB + SHOW begin to | let sth She tried not to let her disappointment show.